A Re:Load Pro becomes a current monitor

I like buying from other entrepreneurs and happily took possession of a Re:Load Pro by Nick Johnson when I started doing a lot of work with batteries and recharging systems. It worked great until the moment I attached it backwards. A trace on the PCB melted and the PSoC 4 that is the brains and analog measuring guts died. Nick provides the source so I could have repaired the device but decided to upgrade to a more capable - and protected - commercial unit. The enclosure, bit-mapped LCD and rotary control just sat there waiting for a new use. An INA226 current monitor dev board designed by an engineer at my hackerspace gave it that new use. The PSoC 4 was replaced by a Teensy 3.2 and fairly simple code although getting the LCD to work was a lot of work. I ended up porting a C library written by LonelyWolf to a C++ library for Arduino. Thank you LonelyWolf, whoever you are.
Hacked Re:Load Pro showing new display information
It's currently a work-in-progress. It displays current and voltage levels and allows adjustments of the averaging and sample times. I'd like to add a command interface and the ability to trigger and display graph information on the LCD.
Hacked PCB showing addition of Teensy 3.2

Teensy 3.2 carefully wired to PSoC pins

Hacked PCB showing addition of current sensor

INA226 Breakout on bottom