Devices I have designed for myself for the fun of it or as part of another project. Described and information made available here.
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Geiger Counter

A simple alpha-beta-gamma capable Geiger Counter based around a LND712 Geiger Müller tube. More information here.
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A ESP32 based thermal imaging camera with a IEEE802.3af compliant ethernet interface supporting either hardwired or Wifi communications. Runs the tCam-Mini firmware. More information here.
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A ESP32 based development board supporting a 3.5" 480x320 pixel touchscreen for portable GUI-based devices. More information here.
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LVGL Drivers

TFT LCD and web drivers for the LittlevGL GUI library. More information here.
Camera based on Teensy 3.2 imaging a Raspberry Pi 3

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Experiments with the FLiR Lepton 3.5 Thermal Imaging module. Various camera designs based on embedded systems from the Teensy 3.2 to Beaglebone Black and Pocketbeagle.
Dl1416SmarTerm with printer

Retro Computer/Terminal

A trip to a time where one could understand every aspect of a computer. A combination ANSI-compliant terminal and Tiny Basic computer based around an intelligent LED character display and ancient hall-effect keyboard. More information here.
Assembled high-altitude payload

LoRa-payload for a high-altitude balloon

I flew a Raspberry Pi Zero with camera and LoRa radio in Wyoming during the 2013 Eclipse on a high-altitude balloon project with fellow makers from Boulder's Solid State Depot. Pictures and links for more information here.
Set of Isolated Driver PCBs

Isolated WS2812 Strip Driver

Eight channel differential driver and distributed power system for remotely located pixel addressable WS2812 LED strips. Compatible with Fade Candy and Teensy 3.2 controllers. Download design information here.
nRF24LE1 programmer PCB

nRF24LE1 Programmer

Simple and fast SPI-based programmer for the Nordic nRF24LE1 SoC. Includes a PC-based utility for loading Intel Hex files. Released as open source hardware. Download design information here.
Battery Buddy power costume LEDs

Battery Buddy 1

Small (wearable) intelligent step-up converter for powering either 5V or 12V devices from a rechargeable and replaceable Lithium Ion battery. Perfect for powering small systems on your desk, on your body or in the field. Download design information here.
Temperature monitor with LED driver

4-channel Temperature Monitor/Logger

Arduino-based temperature monitor using Dallas DS18B20 1-wire sensors and a DOG-M LCD display. Communicates with a logging program using serial or bluetooth. More images + download applications, code and schematic here.
RGB DMX fixture showing HB LEDs

RGB DMX Fixture

Full feature Arduino-based DMX controller for Brian Neltner's RGB Light Brick fixture. More images + download code and schematic here.
HB Driver with 10W White LED on big-ass heatsink

HB LED Dimmer

High Brightness LED dimmer capable of driving up to six 350 mA, 700 mA or 1 A LEDs. More images + download schematics, gerber and demo code here.
DMX Readout HW Tool

Misc Hardware Tools

Various small devices built to help my own development that might be helpful. More information here.
Beautiful array of randomly pointing colored LEDs

LED Sculptures

Various LED-lit sculptures and costumes made over the years.
Fan on 3 LED array


Various hacked devices. More information here.