Devices I have designed for sale via various distribution channels.
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gCore POTS shield / weeBell

A gCore expansion board designed to provide POTS telephone service. Information here.
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A full feature ESP32 development board designed for portable graphics and GUI-based devices. Information here.
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Big brother to tCam-Mini. Thermal imaging camera with display and local file storage. Information here.
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An open-source radiometric wireless thermal imaging camera. Designed to allow collecting radiometric temperature data for analysis. Information here.
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An open-source radiometric thermal and visual time-lapse camera. Designed to allow collecting temperature data from a scene for analysis. Information here.
makerPower MPPT Charger PCB Assembly

makerPower™ MPPT Solar Charger

A solar power system for IOT devices spanning the range from Arduino-class to Raspberry Pi. Designed to use commonly available 12V solar panels and AGM-style batteries to provide 24/7 power. Introduced via a successful Crowd Supply campaign.
Solar Pi Platter PCB Assembly

Solar Pi Platter

A Lithium Ion battery power and charging board for the Raspberry Pi Zero computer with a RTC, power-switched USB, Ethernet, PWM and analog input expansion ports. Introduced via a successful kickstarter campaign.
Production NRF24LE1 Programmer PCB Assembly

Production nRF24LE1 programmer

A version of my nRF24LE1 programmer with additional features designed to support programming devices in a production environment.
Sparkfun Touch Pot PCB Assembly

Touch Potentiometer

The Touch Potentiometer is a new take on an old device. An intelligent peripheral that provides a linear touch-sensitive control with analog, digital and PWM outputs.
Sparkfun HRMI PCB Assembly

Heart Rate Monitor Interface

The Heart Rate Monitor Interface (HRMI) is an intelligent peripheral device that converts the ECG signal from Polar Electro Heart Rate Monitor transmitters into easy-to-use heart rate data. It was manufactured and sold by Sparkfun in a cooperative effort.
Jameco Constant Current Dimmer Assembly

Jameco LED Dimmers

A flexible LED dimmer kit I designed for the now defunct Club Jameco project.