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Solar Pi Platter

A Lithium Ion battery power and charging board for the Raspberry Pi Zero computer with a RTC, power-switched USB, Ethernet, PWM and analog input expansion ports. Introduced via a successful kickstarter project.
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Production nRF24LE1 programmer

A version of my nRF24LE1 programmer with additional features designed to support programming devices in a production environment.
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Touch Potentiometer

The Touch Potentiometer is a new take on an old device. An intelligent peripheral that provides a linear touch-sensitive control with analog, digital and PWM outputs.
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Giulio Lighting

My company, Giulio Lighting, specializes in easy-to-use decorative color wash LED lighting systems and controls. Control the high-quality Ambi cabinet fixture, flexible OEM LED arrays or DMX fixtures with an intuitive touch sensitive remote control. Light as paint and sculpture.
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Heart Rate Monitor Interface

The Heart Rate Monitor Interface (HRMI) is an intelligent peripheral device that converts the ECG signal from Polar Electro Heart Rate Monitor transmitters into easy-to-use heart rate data. It is manufactured and sold by Sparkfun in a cooperative effort.
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Jameco LED Dimmers

A flexible LED dimmer kit I designed for the Club Jameco project and available on their website.