Hacked Re:Load Pro

Making use of a blown-up Re:Load Pro

Re-using the not damaged parts of the Re:Load Pro along with a PCB from a friend to make a bi-directional current monitor for my lab bench. More images here.
Hacked halogen desklamp

Halogen to LED conversion

Replacing a 50 watt Halogen lamp with ~6 watts of LEDs and a small fan. More images here.
Hacked LED Driver PCB

Li-Ion Battery +5 volt supply

A simple boost-mode converter supplying up to 1 Amp at 5 volts from a CR123A cell with battery level readout and low-voltage shutdown. More images + download schematics and code here.
Hacked Color Kinetics fixture

Color Kinetics Fixture DMX Driver

A simple circuit to take a DMX stream and translate the signal levels to drive the original Color Kinetics iColor Cover RGB Fixtures. More images and schematic here.
Hacked Esquire magazine cover

Esquire 75th Anniversary Cover Hack

My entry in Esquire's E-ink cover hacking challenge. More info here.