Touch Potentiometer Utility Program

The tputil application runs on a personal computer and allows you to experiment with or configure a Touch Potentiometer connected via a USB-serial interface. Either a dedicated interface such as a FTDI Break-out board or Arduino Leonardo running the "tp_test_sketch" may be used.
Touch Pot serial connection to FT232R breakout board
tputil Application Downloads
(version 1.2.1)

Linux : Requires x86 processor

Mac OS X : Requires x86 processor and Mac OS X 10.9 or later

Windows : Requires x86 processor and Windows 7 or later
tputil software control window

Play with settings

tputil software configure window


  • Access control registers and EEPROM values.
  • Real-time control of configurable items in the Control and UserLedValue registers
  • Real-time update from jabber output
  • Store power-on values for Control and I2C Address registers
  • Implements calibration procedure to adjust touch sensor parameters for different environmental conditions
  • Access raw sensor values
  1. I develop on Mac OS X and only did a bit of testing on Windows 7/Wine and linux. It's possible there are issues on those two platforms. Let me know if you find something wrong. The more information you can provide, the better.
  2. Neither the Windows or Mac OS X version of the application are signed. You may have to click through a warning to run them (you may also have to reconfigure the security settings on OS X).