danjuliodesigns, LLC is the corporate entity for me, Dan Julio, an electrical engineer living and working in the foothills above Boulder, Colorado. An experiment in mixing life, creativity and business, it is a vehicle to explore a lifelong passion for technology and invention. danjuliodesigns provides embedded systems engineering consulting services and designs and develops its own products. I am involved in the Maker movement and support the sharing of knowledge that is a cornerstone of the maker community. Projects and knowledge shared by others have helped me immensely. I hope that the projects shared on this website are useful to others.


The tCam series of cameras work with the Teledyne Flir Lepton 3.1R thermal imaging module. This radiometric model has a 95°x119° FOV (as opposed to the Lepton 3.5 57°x71°).
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weeBell - a personal central office for one. Making old school telephony available to everyone. Talking on a heavy old handset is so much more satisfying. Project is being documented on hackaday.io and the gCore POTS shield available on tindie.
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