Various Board Designs for Clients

Motion Sensor Board for Security Applications

A battery-powered motion sensor designed to be connected with off-the-shelf alarm system transmitters for use on construction sites and at industrial locations.

  • Aggressive power management for multi-year operation using industry standard batteries
  • Easy to configure and test in the field with LED and DIP switch presets
  • Programmable configuration settings
  • Data acquisition mode with real time XYZ acceleration sensing

Configuration and measurement application to characterize motion in various real environments and configure settings in motion sensors including default restoration.
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Universal Power Board for Security Applications

A company specializing in security applications wanted to deploy solutions using the Raspberry Pi as a local controller and approached me to design a Pi HAT to power and provide additional functionality.

  • Wide Power Input: 8-28 VAC, 8-48 VDC
  • Battery backed Real Time Clock
  • Power switched USB port
  • On-board temperature monitoring
  • Operating system auto-configuration
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Remote controlled water pump for motocross racers

Boulder's makerspace, Solid State Depot, hosts an open house every Tuesday evening. It encourages people to bring their projects and take advantage of the expertise of other members. I helped a member with his project to remotely operate a battery powered hydration system and he ended up hiring me to build a production ready system and to write the final firmware.

  • Prototypes used Arduino development environment so client could modify code if necessary.
  • 2.4 GHz RF operation.
  • Identical transmitter and receiver boards to simplify production.
  • Automotive power-conditioning circuitry to handle reverse polarity spikes and high-voltage load-dump conditions.
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